Wednesday, 23 May 2012

route to success.

                                                      Salam readers and hi peeps.
   Let's see what has happened during the last two months. It's all about my route, my intuition and conscience

 20th April-Medsi result.
 Cordially, i am flattered to Allah as i could sit for Medsi test. I felt jubilant beyond the words as i got three
 universities which i could look forward to pursue my degree in TESL-UIA,UKM and UTM.
 Actually, Medsi is about an evaluation of being an educator which involves four aspects. On 28th April,
 I sat for the test and it went smoothly.

 26th April-MUET result.
A miracle had happened as i got band 4 for this examination.Through all the barriers i had encountered, i was capable to get band 4. Allah has given me what i want. and yes, I always pray and ask Him to fulfill my desire of getting band 4. Thanks to Allah.

 27th April- Final exam result.
 I felt a wee bit neurotic as the final result was announced. Final exam result always lingered in my mind
 because i need to pass the CGPA as the credit to pursue degree in TESL. and once again, Allah helped me
 with kinda good result. I got 3.++ and felt relieved in a sudden. Same goes to core subject, i also exceeded
 3.00 and it made me grinned again.

  19th May- Medsi result.
 It came to myriads rumors said that lots of Teslians didn't pass Medsi test. Even the DL students or band
 5 students, they failed to qualify themselves in interview. In the meantime, I felt speechless as i didnt know
 the system of medsi and how they choose students in interview. I'm also being a victim of  the vicious  
 Medsi as i FAILED in Medsi. My heart was like a broken glass which shattered on the floor. Yes, i'm
 speechless and i thought my future turned sombre and dark. My dream of being an educator has gone
 in a blink of eye. I admitted that i felt vacuum but nothing gonna change that predestination. I reda to the
 Allah's decision. Man proposes, god disposes. it can't be denied and exactly acceptable. Despair is just
 for the loser. I know, even not get into TESL course, there's still numerous opportunities of being an
 educator. Teacher or lecterur?i don't care. as long as i can be a part of them. Yes, i must scribble my
 back up plan.Nothing can stop me to be an educator.the holy profession. I didn't want being enmeshed in
 TESL stuff anymore. Perhaps Allah has determined something magnificent for me rather than being a
 tesl student in degree. I believe in Allah more than anything and i know that, one day, the victory is mine.
 I decided to pursue degree in ESL or English Studies Language. Familiar with Tesl but there's education
 pedagogy in ESL. I still have the chance to be a lecturer yet teacher. I believe that.

  *Belajar selagi mampu and tuntutlah ilmu sampai ke tahap tertinggi. Don't concede in the halfway!


                                         there's a ray of hope. trust Allah is the most priority.
                                     i'm not expert in, ignore the grammatical errors.
                                                          with that,salam and sober down!
                                                                                                                             officially written by,
                                                                                                                                   His servant.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Gamers and the games

                                                              Assalam readers.
                                      Hola.thank u thank u sebab sudi singgah kt blog ak ni.
                                          ok people, korang pernah main game x?
                                      mesti pernah kan?kan?jgn nak tipu.nanti tuhan marah.
                      so, entri kali ni, aku nak bercerita pasai games y korang addicted sangat.
                                 kirenye korang mesti sangap tahap tujuh petala cinta kalau
                                korang x main bendalah games ni especially budak universiti                        
                             x terkecuali ibu mengandung ,janda, makcik and pakcik pun boley

                                              so. game y paling HOTSTUFF gitu.jeng jeng jeng
                                         aku tahu mesti korang2 ketagih dengan bendalah ni kan?
                                         especially laki.ak pun x terkecuali,bila abis kelas, terus p
                                       pinjam lappy kawan and main walaupun kalah.loser sangat.
                                  actlly, ak malas nak install sebab ak akan addict dengan senah ni.

                            secondly, dang dang dang dang.
                                        bendalah ni memang femes, lagi2 y jenis otak gaming.
                             tiap-tiap mase dung dang dung dang main benda nih.mase kt kolej,
                           mesti ade satu bilik as dorng punye port main dota.bila main benda ni
                        memang x ingt dunia la dorang.rela x makan,awek2 pun dorang x ambik kesah.

                        presenting, the burung panas baran dengan babi-babi hijau.
                                         sape pernah main bendalah ni, sila angkat hidung.
                              ak benci main nih.lagi-lagi bila dengar bunyi babi y sngt annoying.
                         rase nak lempang je babi tu.nasib baik haram.kalau x, ak potong hidung dia.
                             kasi tarak bunyi krooh krooh dah. bukan setakat game, si burung ni
                 mereka buat stuffs like decoration and toy.spender&baju pun dorng tampal benda ni
                               kiranya game ni ade bahang dia sendiri main ni kena pakai strategi.
                         lagi2 mase guna burung merah y sngt lembap tahap petala bumi.sabo jela.

                                          sape suka main tembak-tembak?boom.kebaboom.

                                  game ni pun aku minat skunk kurang main dah.
                           sebab xde geng.dulu,tiap2 hari main ngn roomate.sape y nak jadi polis ke,
                   nak jadik atlet menembak ke.silalh practice benda ni hari2.konfem korang terpilih