Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Chinese superstitions

                                                           Salam readers.
                    Feels carefree and rejoice to scroll down and read my new entry.
                    In this entry, i'll cater you something remarkable yet precious to be read.
                    I was hypnotized to scribble a post regarding "Chinese Superstitions"
                    Despite of being ark about these eccentric things, somehow it prompts us
                    to realize the prominent intention of the emergence of these superstitions.

                    Today, most people especially Chinese don't believe in superstitions. But still
                    there are motley of superstitions that abound.

                   1. On the first day of New Year, the house should not be cleaned because, according 
                       to Chinese superstitions, the happiness should not be removed from the house.

                   2. Chinese superstitions say that the number 8 brings bad luck.

                   3. Do not keep turtles in the house because it is not good and business prospects.

                   4. Never point with the finger in the direction of the moon because it is a belief that the pointer's
                       ear tip will fall off.

                   5. When a baby is born, he/she should not be praised. Evil spirits must not be invoked in the

                   6. Cutting nails in the house would bring financial problems.

                   7. If a dog howls in the middle of the night, it means that someone will die.

                   8. If a baby cries for no reason, Chinese believe that there are ghosts around and the child is
                       disturbed by the ghosts.

                            Don't get easily astray from the lane of life. It's just for fun and out of monotony.

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