Saturday, 9 June 2012


                                                    HAPPY WEDDING DAY, DUDES!

            Actually these ceremonies were held a few days ago and i didn't have much time to share
            the joyous moments with you guys. They are 19 years old, same goes to me.but, their
            turn comes first than me and congratulations to Fitriah and Nasha, my exschoolmates.
            May Allah blesses both of you and the whole family and relatives as well. All I can say is
            be a good wife as long as your husband treats you very well. Lets enjoy the glee moment together!

                                                           Fitr wedding ceremony!
                                                                           Izety nasha!

                                                        they're gorgeous and dashing rite?
                                                            so,who's next? wait and see.
                                                              Lastly, Imperial marching!

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  1. kawin d tanggal 19 tahun... woww =D smoga kekal smpai bila2